"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
~Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Even more thoughts...

As you can see, my post titles are becoming less and less creative - oh well, at least they're still coming. This is the longest that I've ever been blogging on one site!

I have very little homework, because it's the first day back from midterms. So nice not to have to work!

The weather today was supposed to be horrendous, but it turned out to be not so bad. Of course, my school district was the only one that was still open (as usual), but I got a lot out of being in school. I complained about it a lot, but then I realized that in the end, what's one day in a lifetime? Anyways, school is going great. I have a couple of really close awesome friends, and all of my teachers are great this year! :)

Hey, by the way, check out this video embodying the entire Obama campaign. It's beautiful:

or what about this? Ugh, Bush...

Why do so many ignorant people wink? Bush, Palin, cough cough.

I have a great video that I made with all of the best debate moments from Palin... I'll try to upload it...

So yes, today's theme was politics, obviously. Well, I hope you've enjoyed it!

See ya! - Brianna