"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
~Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simple Musings...

Seeing as how I've vowed to write as often as possible, and as how nothing extraordinary happened today, I'll share some general thoughts.

First, I guess something did happen today. Obama has already halted prosecutions at the torture center Guantánamo. Yay! Change is currently here, with much more to come. Here's the article.

Also, I'm a self-proclaimed technology addict. With the blogging, checking email, and scouring news sites, I'm hooked. It's so hard not to wonder what's been going on in the past few moments, knowing that you can check with a few clicks of the mouse. I seriously need to work on this. Right now, I'm currently wondering if I have any new mail in my two email accounts. Sure, computers and the internet are wonderful things, but in moderation. IN MODERATION. haha...

Thirdly, I've caught midterm fever!!! Geez, you think they'd go easy on freshmen, but not so. I have three exams that are major portions of my grade, all next week. I stayed after school to look at old global studies tests and record some of the difficult questions and terms to study... That took longer than I thought! A good 40 minutes, and 3 pages worth of notes!!! It better be worth it - I'm bringing home huge, paper-stuffed binders every day, wondering to myself, "When does the madness end???" Hopefully, soon.

Currently listening to the hit of the 2000s, "Stacy's Mom". How many people remember this song??? I heard a kid playing it in the lobby of my school during one lunch period, and since then, I've bought it on iTunes and played it nonstop. It brings back memories of elementary school, snack times, wasted nap hours, and being in one classroom all day. Good times!

Speaking of nap-time... Don't you wish we still had naptime? I miss it. A lot. As a kindergartener, I didn't understand the true value of something like that. Now, with exams, honors classes, and extracurriculars piling up, I'd love to fall asleep for a half hour in the middle of the day! Ha. Opinions on this? Maybe I'll set up a poll on this page about that... Hmm... :D

Well, back to studying for now. Thanks for reading!


PS - Thanks to Chris Iven at the Post Standard Voices page for the shoutout! I appreciate the compliments and publicity.